The Chris Ruben Band is a funk/rock band from Long Island, New York. The group features five members; Chris Ruben (Vocals, Guitar), Brendan Allan (Bass), Russ Benjamin (Drums), Eugene Iovine (Keyboards, Synths), & Frank Iovine (Synths, Organs).  


"Planet earth...We have come together to put the emphasis on psychedelic funk-rock and having a good time with your friends. Most of all knowing what a real friend is, and if you have any. If not, we will be your friends. We will love you. On any given night of this 365 day runaround, you can find us if you search hard enough. We make music."



“Ever since I can remember I have been surrounded by music. My father repairs woodwind and brass instruments, so since I was little, top-notch musicians have been coming in and out of my home. But music always spoke to me.” says singer/songwriter Chris Ruben. Ruben began as a drummer, and first started gigging with bands at the age of thirteen. By the time he was sixteen, he made the switch to guitar and started writing songs of his own. In late 2014, the first version of The Chris Ruben Band was formed. Over time, Chris added and replaced players until the perfect lineup was created.

“We are more than a band, we are family.”



“I met Chris at a friend’s house. I saw instruments in the backseat of his car and asked if he played. He said yes, so I invited him to jam with me. He came inside and the rest is history.” says bassist Brendan Allan. For Brendan, playing music is a family affair. His uncle George played in a band and was a huge inspiration to him. His mother played bass and was always there to offer her support and a good jam session. When he was 12, his dad got him his first bass guitar. When he's not with his bass, you can find Brendan snowboarding, skateboarding, or chowing down. Brendan wants to use the band’s music to inspire others; Never give up on your dreams, and if you start something, finish it.”



For Russ Benjamin, the connection with the band happened nearly as quickly as it did with Brendan. After hearing the group play live, he knew he had to try to get involved. “I was working as a door guy for Planet Of Sound Promotions (a local booking company) when I saw CRB the first time. After maybe the third or fourth time seeing them play, I approached Chris and asked for the job of drummer. After a few months of them hating me for doing that, luck would have it that the spot opened up and I was able to nab it.” Russ feeds off an eclectic mix of metal, prog rock, and jazz fusion influences, equating to his unique style. His appetite for drumming is rivaled only by his appetite for a good meal, a common theme amongst the members of CRB. “My only real hobby I can think of is I like to eat. A lot of times to my own detriment. If you could put a no frills, low brow spin on a foodie (I hate that word by the way), that’s me.”



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