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We the people of The Chris Ruben Band have been mastering the art of nailing and bailing since 2014. It all began on Long Island, New York with Chris spending some years developing a vast body of original works.


With the help of Rich Carnella from 2011-2013, Chris was able to record about 100 songs as well as take Rich’s teachings and move towards creating a band.


Brendan Allan joined Chris in late 2014 amongst many others who have come and gone but not without rocking super hard at least once or twice. Eugene Iovine, a friend of Brendan’s from high school joined the band on keys in 2015.

Shortly after, Russ made his way onto the throne becoming our most darling creature in late summer 2016. Frank Iovine joined the band in 2017 after helping record with his twin brother, Eugene Iovine.


This is information.


We spent almost 3 full years together working on our first album that ended up moving studios twice before we had any idea what we wanted.  At the tail end of that journey, we found our sixth and final member, Nick Marino.


Nick Marino’s hair is fantastic even when it’s not. He strummed a couple strings on the album in a handsome fashion. The guy just can’t be beat. A true champion.


After releasing their debut album, “Madness On Repeat,” in spring 2021, “Take The Ride EP” in 2022, the band has a sophomore album deep in the works, planned for release in 2024.


Singles to be sprinkled starting 8/18/2023!

Chris Ruben Vocals/Guitar
Brendan AllanBass

Eugene IovineKeyboards/Synthesizer

Russ BenjaminDrums

Frank IovineKeyboards/Synthesizer/Saxophone

Nick Marino - Guitar

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